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Sep 25, 2021

Title: Living a Financially Free Life One Bill at a Time with John Rickgarn


Having lost both of his parents to cancer by the time he was 16, John realized after years of working in the corporate world that the plan of working 40 hours for 40 years and saving money in your 401k probably won't work for most....and that is even if you live to age 65. Since 2014, John began his financial journey educating himself on everything from real estate investing to infinite banking. In 2016, he started with a fourplex as his first investment by taking money OUT of his Roth IRA and now has several properties across several states. Since 2020, he has run a financial education website and blog sharing his journey and experiences.


Let’s tune in to his story!


[00:01 - 03:45] Opening Segment


  • Get to know my guest John Rickgarn
  • Why John never takes a day for granted
    • Deep impact brought by his parents end
    • Learning from experiences painfully


[03:46 - 07:56] Financial Freedom One Bill at a Time


  • Real Estate or Passive Investing
  • Sit down and evaluate your bills
    • Does it match a revenue per bill?
  • The Rationale behind the principle
    • Reach your goals one step at a time


[07:57 - 22:35] John’s Passion 


  • Fundrise Investment
    • Anyone can invest here!
    • Careful investors are welcome 
  • Retirement Accounts
    • Tax deferred account
  • Fourplex 
    • “How can I afford it?”
    • Yields better returns in the market right now
    • Suzy Orman and Dave Ramsey’s recommendations
  • Set up recurring streams of money now, not later.
  • John cashed out his Roth IRA
  • Real Estate pays!
  • Don’t stop there, live life to the fullest!
    • Diving into cryptocurrency
    • Real Estate vs. Crypto


[22:36 - 25:44] Closing Segment


  • Living your life debt free
  • Final words
  • Connect with my guest, John in the links below

Resources Mentioned


Tweetable Quotes

“That was kind of my mindset shift of Well, how about I start setting up recurring streams of money now? Not just wait till I'm, you know, old and gray?.” - John Rickgarn


“Don't say I can't afford it, ask: how can I afford it?” - Robert Kiyosaki


“Just try to live each day to the full potential and acknowledge that, you know, every one of us is going to have an end date, we don't know when that's gonna be, if that's tomorrow, or 50 years from now.” - John Rickgarn


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