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Dec 28, 2021

Title: The Asset Management Role in Real Estate with Mike Taravella


Mike has acquired 27M+ in Multifamily real estate throughout the southeast. He is a Michigan State Alumni, and a CPA. He has worked at EY and with Dan Gilbert's startup community.


Let’s tune in to his story!

[00:01 - 09:35] Opening Segment

  • Let’s welcome my guest for today’s show, Mike Taravella
  • Mike shares how he got into the Real Estate space
  • Mike’s screen printing business
  • 10PM to 2AM Multifamily grind
  • What was compelling about Real Estate for Mike


[09:36 - 24:56] Mike the Asset Management Guy

  • Mike’s day to day journey
  • Property Manager collaborations
  • The lessons and challenges Mike learned in the space
  • Mike’s roles as an Asset Manager
  • What has contributed to Mike’s success
  • How Mike maintains good relationship with stakeholders
  • Points Mike wants to touch on Underwriting 
  • A piece of advice for passive investors


[24:57 - 26:57] Closing Segment 

  • Final Words
  • Connect with my guest, Mike, in the links below

Tweetable Quotes


“I realized I was not scaling my business while I was teaching these start-ups how to scale [their business].” - Mike Taravella


"Be methodical on how you’re doing it, and keep having that buffer.” - Mike Taravella


"Surrounding myself with amazing people [has largely contributed to my success].” - Mike Taravella



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