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Mar 28, 2022

Anthony Vicino is a best-selling author, real estate investor, and serial entrepreneur committed to helping people maximize their Return on Life. He is the co-founding partner of Invictus Capital, a multifamily acquisition firm based in Minneapolis, MN with $30m in AUM, that provides busy working professionals with the opportunity to Invest Better.

As the host of the Multifamily Investing Made Simple podcast and author of Passive Investing Made Simple, Anthony firmly believes investing shouldn't be complicated, scary, or overwhelming.


Let’s dive into his story!

[00:01 - 08:12] Opening Segment

  • Anthony’s first taste of Real Estate realities
    • Hating real estate at first
  • Who owns all these tall buildings?
    • Anthony’s introduction to multifamily 
  • Anthony is a rock climbing professional!
    • They own a manufacturing company
    • Where real estate and rock climbing collide


[08:13 - 16:05] Anthony’s current business 

  • Invictus Capital
    • Their goal is to bring more passive investors into deals
  • Anthony’s podcasts and book
    • Why he chose the title
    • The message he wants to communicate
    • His other podcast talks about the psychology of success


[16:06 - 24:10] How Anthony lives with ADHD

  • Coping with ADHD
    • Structures Anthony did to get traction
    • Priority is called priority for a reason
  • MIGs and WIGs


[24:11 - 00:00] Closing Segment 

  • Connect with Anthony:


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Tweetable Quotes


"The only thing I learned from my construction experience was that I can swing a hammer, but I can’t hit a nail.” - Anthony Vicino


"I never stopped wondering who owns all these buildings. I just assumed that all the rich people or organizations and entities owned them. I found the answer through multifamily and discovered that most of these apartments aren’t owned by rich people. They are owned by mom and pop people, not too different from us.” - Anthony Vicino


"What we find so amazing about multifamily real estate in general is that it’s not complicated. It might feel like it at first, but once you get down to it, there’s only a few things that matter.” - Anthony Vicino