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Jun 29, 2022

Adrian Pannozzo have completed 21 years of policing and retired early as a result of the choices he made in real estate investment. He is now a full-time real estate investor and entrepreneur of multiple companies. Adrian shares his story of how he transitioned from a career in law enforcement to starting and growing his own real estate empire, and discusses the importance of having goals and setting boundaries as an entrepreneur. He also offers advice for listeners on how they can achieve their own business goals. Listen in as Adrian Pannozzo to learn more about his story and wants to learn more about the Burr model of real estate investing, be sure to check out his website at!


I have completed 21 years of policing and retired early as a result of the choices I made in real estate investment. I am now a full-time real estate investor and entrepreneur of multiple companies. My professional portfolio, built in less than a decade, is undeniable proof of my expertise, consisting of 72+ investment properties, or the equivalent of 350+ units. I am the founder and co-owner of Executive Properties Inc., a high-scale full-service property management company that services over 600 doors in the Hamilton area. I am the founder of Investors Edge Construction Management, a full-service construction company that focuses on multifamily conversions and renovations in the Hamilton area. I am also the founder of Executive Properties Capital Inc., an investment company that raises capital through joint venture partnerships to purchase investment properties. My passion is helping others like me to achieve generational wealth. I've created a proven model of success specifically to share with others through my “buy, renovate, and refinance” strategy. I also started my own podcast called the More to Life: Real Estate Investing Podcast...


[00:01 - 04:56] Opening Segment


  • Adrian Pannozzo is a retired police officer who has since transitioned into real estate investing
  • Adrian retired early due to the choices he made in real estate investment
  • Adrian now invests full-time in real estate and is also the owner of an investment company and property management company
  • He illustrates how even a modest goal can be achieved through hard work and strategic partnerships


  • The Burr model is a 50/50 partnership where one partner finances the acquisition and rehab of a property, and then rents it out at a higher rate than the original tenant


[04:57 - 14:58] Learn From Your Mistakes To Achieve Financial Freedom

  • Adrian discusses how everyone wants to achieve financial freedom
  • Developing a successful real estate business takes hard work, learning from mistakes, and having reputable people on your side
    • He combined the Burr Method and the power of Joint Venture, where they focused and honed on the Burr strategy to buy, refinance, and repeat.
  • Adrian shares his story of transitioning from being a police officer to an entrepreneur
    • He explains how rental properties turned into a full-time business


[14:59 - 24:54] Take Control Of Your Life With Time Freedom

  • Adrian discusses how you have to pay the tax man
    • He explains how you refinance a property, and it’s a powerful way to get tax-free money
  • People are interested in investing in real estate for a variety of reasons, including financial freedom and time freedom
  • He talks about having a “enough is enough” mindset and how it’s important for entrepreneurs to have growth and contribution as goals
  • He shares that he and his company’s mindset is more on long-term wealth, generational wealth by investing in real estate


[24:55 - 27:30 ] Closing Segment

  • Adrian advises listeners on how they can achieve their own business goals
  • To learn more about Adrian, visit his website:
  • Adrian shares where you can get in contact with him (links below)



“Everybody wants financial freedom but what I also was interested in was “Time Freedom” because there's one thing you can never buy back in life and that's time.” – Adrian Pannozzo

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