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Aug 25, 2022

Alicia Jarrett is a passionate and driven global real estate investor based out of Australia, conducting deals in the USA. She co-owns multiple businesses, including Global Citizens Holdings Inc., Landscouts, Supercharged Offers, and WILDA for Women in Business. Focused on leadership in business and investing in land, her business ventures provide efficient real estate marketing and world-class data solutions, which assist other real estate investors to digitally transform their businesses for increased results. She is also an experienced leadership executive coach, and business management specialist. She has coached many leaders, including entrepreneurs, business owners, and C-Level executives. She has a passion for seeing others lead well and succeed in their businesses and teams. She tells us that it’s expensive to get started in the market and that using negative gearing can be a bad strategy if you’re looking to invest for the long term. She discusses how she and her partner got started investing in real estate, and how seeing guest speakers about different opportunities led them to consider investing in the United States. She encourages listeners to learn more about her and her work at Supercharged Offers!


[00:01 - 01:17] Opening Segment


  • Alicia is a real estate investor from Australia who has experience investing in the United States
  • He decided to invest in the United States after hearing guest speakers talk about opportunities in business
  • Unfavorable model for Australian investors when investing in the US 



[01:18 - 05:31] Solving Problems and Creating Opportunities

  • She started as a fix and flip and started investing in land instead
  • Her company focuses on:
    • Downside protection
    • Conservative underwriting
    • Recession-resistant asset classes
    • Forging strong relationships


[05:32 - 07:22] Closing Segment

  • Alicia says that it is important to create opportunities for buyers and sellers
  • It is helpful to be a middle person in solving problems for sellers and creating opportunities for buyers      
  • Alicia shares where you can get in contact with her (links below)




“If you can help a seller out of those situations and get them to move on, then your job as a land investor is to make that land usable and attractive to a buyer.” – Alicia Jarrett


You can connect with Alicia through her: 

Website: Land Scouts

Website: Global Citizen’s HQ

Website: Supercharged Offers

LinkedIn: Alicia Jarrett



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