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Aug 31, 2022

Zachary Beach went from a bartender to a Real Estate Expert, Coach, and 2x Best-selling Author of Real Estate On Your Terms & The New Rules of Real Estate Investing. He's the COO of Smart Real Estate Coach, a partner in multiple 7-figure businesses, and co -host of the Smart Real Estate Coach and Not Just A Transaction podcasts. He recommends focusing on changing the way you think about your abilities and not letting other people’s opinions get to you. By taking these steps, you can become successful in real estate investing. He says that, through these steps, it can break through barriers of fear or personal paradigms that they brought to the table. In this episode, it revolves around how to help those with imposter syndrome overcome their fears and build credibility in order to evolve as fast as possible. He provides valuable tips on how to improve one’s mindset for success in any area of life. Visit his podcast, “Real Estate Coach

[00:01 - 03:34] Opening Segment


  • Zachary shares his tips for overcoming call reluctance that focus on the mindset, identify and overcome fears, and to have a system in place  



[03:35 - 20:26] How To Break Through Barriers To Success

  • Zachary discusses the concept of imposter syndrome
  • He discusses ways to overcome imposter syndrome
  • Increasing one’s credibility can alleviate fear
  • The mindset needed to break through barriers to success
  • The thought process behind achieving financial and business goals
  • Real estate is simply a people business 


[20:27 - 24:15] Closing Segment

  • Zachary advises that it is important to be a good listener in order to understand someone’s problem and then make sure that you’re consistently presenting options
  • Zachary shares where you can get in contact with him (links below)




“We can help them build the plan as a team while they're falling, and increasing that credibility tends to alleviate a lot of fear.” – Zachary Beach


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