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Oct 26, 2022

Melissa Houston is the founder of The Fractional CFO Agency, a columnist at, and the host of The Business Society podcast. She's a licensed Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), and a Financial Strategist for CEOs, and she helps successful business owners increase their profit margins without having to increase revenue, so that they keep more money in their pocket while increasing their personal wealth.


In this episode, Melissa shares that it’s common for people to have money stories that hold them back, and if you’re not able to release them, they will control you. She discusses the importance of downside protection and recession-resistant asset classes, as well as how to forge strong relationships with operating partners and investors. To learn more about Melissa’s work, listeners can visit her podcast at her website!


[00:01 - 04:17] Opening Segment

  • Melissa shares how her story to remind people that your mistakes don’t define you, and as humans, we all make mistakes and can recover from them
  • She talks about her experience with financial infidelity


[04:38 - 20:12] Identifying Issues To Overcome Financial Infidelity

  • Melissa shares her story of how she became overwhelmed with debt
  • She found relief by seeking out professional help and learning about her money story
  • She shares that everyone has a “money story”, and it is important to learn how to release these stories in order to live a life that is truly fulfilling
  • It is important to identify the real issue and get help from a professional
  • She shares the common issue that business owners which are:
  • Overwhelm
  • Fear of looking at their numbers


[20:13 - 23:34] Closing Segment

  • Melissa shares to focus and mindset and coaching help business owners overcome these obstacles and reach their financial goals
  • Melissa shares where you can get in contact with her (links below)




“It's really important to me to help business owners understand how important it is to create profit in their business and how they can increase their profit margins so that they keep more money for themselves and they can build their own net worth.” – Melissa Houston



You can connect with Melissa through her:

Website: Melissa Houston

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LinkedIn: Melissa Houston

Facebook: Melissa Houston






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