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Oct 28, 2022

Daniel Weisfield is a third-generation mobile home park investor, operating more than 40 manufactured housing communities in 7 states and serving over 10,000 residents. His grandfather immigrated to the U.S., saved money by fixing cars in his backyard, and eventually bought a mobile home park. To build on that legacy, his professional mission is to turn the “trailer park” stereotype on its head. He believes manufactured housing is the best way to close our country’s housing gap and to create affordable home-ownership opportunities.


In this episode, Daniel shares his belief that it is okay to do deals that are not “triple grand slams”. He encourages listeners not to get stuck in analysis paralysis and to take action. He stresses the importance of mindset in real estate investing, urging listeners to not wait for the perfect deal, but instead to go out and buy a deal that makes sense. To learn more about Daniel’s work, listeners can visit!


[00:01 - 02:35] Opening Segment


  • Daniel shares his perspective on mindset in real estate investing, emphasizing the importance of making a bet on oneself and not waiting for the perfect deal



[02:36 - 02:55] There Is No “Perfect Deal”, Bet On Yourself

  • People often suffer from analysis paralysis, due to the fear of making a mistake
  • There is no perfect deal, and it is okay to do fine deals
  • Assembling a portfolio of experiences and assets


[02:56 - 07:27] Closing Segment

  • Daniel shares where you can get in contact with him (links below)


“If you want to get started investing in real estate, go invest in real estate.” – Daniel Weisfield

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