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Dec 21, 2022

With us today is Heather Dreves, the Director of Funding at Secured Investment Corp and fund manager with, one of the fastest growing companies in the private money marketplace in the US, focusing on residential real estate investments. Heather is passionate about helping self-employed entrepreneurs and their families build wealth and success in their business ventures and helping investors deploy capital that is looking for a high-yielding passive investment backed by residential real estate. She has seen real estate investors succeed and fail and is committed to tipping the scale to the side of success for everyone she can.


In this episode, Heather helps people who are self-employed entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, and families build wealth and grow their investment portfolio, deploy capital into high-yielding investments, and retire comfortably. She shares her story of how she became interested in real estate investing and how it has helped her achieve her financial goals. She mentions that real estate can be a great investment for people who are looking for stability and cash flow. To learn more about Heather, listeners can visit his website at Secured Investment Corp!


[00:01 - 01:42] Opening Segment

  • Heather talks about her background which is in education, and she fell into the private money industry by chance    


[01:43 - 08:36] The Benefits of Creating Alternative Investments

  • She helps people who are self-employed entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, and families to create wealth and grow their investment portfolio
  • She sees the impact that her client’s lives can have when they’re able to start seeing gains toward financial freedom
  • The benefits of diversifying a portfolio, and how one can do so by investing in alternative investments like real estate


[08:37 - 14:06] Choose The Right Custodian For Your Real Estate

  • Clients can benefit from the high yields that real estate funds offer, as well as the opportunity to reinvest earnings
  • Alternative investments are becoming more popular, due to the current market volatility
  • Financial advisors should be aware of this trend and help their clients make the switch
  • Real estate is a good place to be in an inflationary time, as it is always true over time


[14:07 - 25:22] Closing Segment

  • Heather recommends that listeners educate themselves about the different options available before making a decision and she provides a list of her top three residential real estate funds
  • Heather shares where you can get in contact with her (links below)




“The biggest reasons that I see clients gravitate toward real estate-backed assets. And it doesn't have to be just residential, there are lots of opportunities and self-storage. There are lots of opportunities right now in multi-family. As an organization, we've always tried to focus on what we're really good at, and that is the residential market space.” – Heather Dreves


You can connect with Heather through her: 

Website: Secured Investment Corp

LinkedIn: Heather Dreves

Facebook: Secured Investment Corp






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