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Dec 26, 2022

Steffany Boldrini is originally from Brazil and moved to Silicon Valley 20 years ago, where she had a successful career in tech sales, and for the past three years, Steffany has decided to focus on commercial real estate investing after receiving inspiration from sophisticated real estate investors. She has invested in three different asset classes since then and has achieved 36% cash-on-cash returns.


In this episode, Steffany shares the story of how she became interested in real estate investing, her journey to becoming a successful real estate investor, and the advantages of owning commercial property compared to angel investing. She talks about how she busted during her first few years as an investor and how she was able to overcome that with consistent effort and networking. She shares her advice for aspiring real estate investors, emphasizing that it is important to have a clear goal and a passion for the industry. She emphasizes the importance of networking, both inside and outside of the real estate industry. To learn more about Steffany, listeners can visit her website at Monte Carlo Real Estate!


[00:01 - 01:44] Opening Segment

  • Steffany shares her story of how she became interested in real estate investing, her experience as an angel investor, and her journey to becoming a successful commercial real estate investor
  • The benefits of investing in commercial real estate compared to angel investing  


[01:45 - 21:54] Scale Your Real Estate Business With A Full-Time Manager

  • The importance of having a financial runway when starting out as a real estate investor
  • The car wash and self-storage came together because she heard that self-storage is a recession-resistant and profitable investment
  • She prefers to invest in assets that are recession resistant and have high cash flow
  • Short-term rentals are a great asset class because they offer high cash flow and the ability to add value through various means
  • Transitioning from a management role to a self-storage business
  • She is making self-storage less of a hands-on investment by automating locks, sending invoices, following up with non-payers, and putting units up for auction
  • Her passion for networking and has developed skills in networking through her real estate career


[21:55 - 26:29] Closing Segment

  • Steffany recommends networking and attending real estate events to build your network  
  • Steffany shares where you can get in contact with her (links below)




“What is important to people and can you scale at a level that you can get a full-time manager to do the things that you're doing? That's also a super important thing to get to as quickly as possible.” – Steffany Boldrini



You can connect with Steffany through her: 

Website: Monte Carlo Real Estate

LinkedIn: Steffany Boldrini

Podcast: Commercial Real Estate Investing From A-Z






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