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Jan 18, 2023

After receiving a Navy ROTC scholarship to Texas A&M and serving in the Marines, Steve quit college to run a hamburger delivery business with a friend. Unable to meet their financial goals after 2 years, they quit and went into corporate America. After working 60 hours a week for 5 years, winning a national sales contest and a trip to Hawaii, his company cut his pay by $20,000 a year. So, at age 27, with bad credit and no money, Steve quit corporate America and started investing in real estate. He eventually invested in over 4000 apartment units.


For the last 30 years, Steve has helped teach and coach tens of thousands of people on how to use real estate to build wealth and passive income while focusing on maintaining a balanced life. He did this through his daily radio show and one-on-one coaching. He now owns his own coaching and consulting business, Total Wealth Academy ( where he consults full-time. This program takes people by the hand, step by step through the real estate investing process. The education covers everything from single-family homes, apartments, self-storage, senior living, and more.


Steve teaches his students how to build a second stream of income that meets and exceeds all their wants and needs so they can simply enjoy life more.


In this episode, Stephen talks about his inspiring journey with real estate investing. After recognizing the instability of a job and taking a pay cut at 27, he took control by educating himself about wealth and taking action with boot camps, CDs, books, and more. He encourages others to take off their finances, stressing that success if an 80% mindset and a 20% strategy. He explains why passive income provides the potential to buy back one’s time. To learn more about Stephen, listeners can visit his website at Total Wealth Academy!


[00:01 - 05:14] Opening Segment

  • Stephen shares his 33 years of experience in real estate investing and teaching others how to build wealth
  • He believes that the school system is there to teach kids how to be employees


[05:15 - 25:34] Achieving A Holistic Life Of Wealth And Happiness

  • Pain and fear can be used correctly to push you to do the right thing
  • Investors need education and an understanding of what they are investing in
  • Dumb doctor deals are perpetrated on high-income earners due to ego and arrogance
  • He warns investors of potential risks such as interest rates going up and cash flow not being available for a year or two
  • People need to know the full circle of the deal, including potential risks and how to recover from them
  • People who have advice on financial success may not have been in the financial position they wanted to be in
  • Most people live paycheck to paycheck and need to build a second stream of income that is double their earned income


[25:35 - 31:35] Closing Segment

  • Stephen advises listeners to change the way they think by reading books by millionaires or listening to audiobooks  
  • Stephen shares where you can get in contact with him (links below)


“If you use pain and fear correctly, you can get it to push you to do the right thing. The problem is most people use fear and pain as blame. If I'm afraid, if I'm fearful, I'll just blame somebody and blame stagnates you. You didn't blame it, blame them, you took action.” – Stephen Davis

You can connect with Stephen through his: 

Website: Total Wealth Academy

YouTube: Total Wealth Academy

LinkedIn: Stephen Davis



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