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Jan 30, 2023

Jason Lee is a highly recognized real estate broker in the multifamily real estate industry. He has worked with several eight to ten-figure real estate investors in San Diego County, helping them acquire, dispose of, and 1031 exchange in order to improve their portfolio.


In the last couple of years, Jason has represented over 100 investors and closed over $250,000,000 worth of real estate in San Diego County.


He is well respected by his investors and he is currently one of the top-producing commercial real estate brokers in San Diego County.


His transactions & insights have been shared in the San Diego Business Journal and Costar. He also currently owns and operates a $40,000,000 portfolio comprising of over 85 units in San Diego County himself, so he can offer advice from a broker standpoint and from an investor point of view.


In this episode, Jason discusses the current market conditions, the importance of debt in real estate investing, and the opportunities available for investors. He shares his story of getting into real estate at 21 years old and his success in closing deals and investments since 2018. He explains how the market has become an even playing field for buyers and sellers with less competition, leading to great deals. He emphasizes the importance of debt in today’s market and how investors should pay attention to changes in debt when making decisions. To learn more about Jason, listeners can visit his website at @Jasonjosephlee!


[00:01 - 01:23] Opening Segment

  • Jason discusses the current market which is becoming an even playing field with fewer buyers and more opportunities for investors


[01:24 - 14:50] Unlocking Doors To Multi-Family Deals In A Changing Market

  • Debt rates have increased significantly, causing a shift in the importance and prices to adjust
  • Many investors are looking for short-term debt with low pre-payment penalties due to rising rates
  • Properties in California are attractive investments, but cap rates are low and returns are low
  • Network with people who are doing more than you in the space and learn from them
  • Partner with people who know more than you and understand real estate better
  • Surround yourself with the right people to make a deal work
  • Gain knowledge by asking questions and utilizing podcasts
  • People fail due to a lack of knowledge or guidance and being afraid to make mistakes
  • Value-add strategies include standard cosmetic remodels, ground-up development, and converting garages into Access Dwelling Units (ADUs)


[14:51 - 22:33] Closing Segment

  • Jason shares with the listeners that real estate is an unregulated market where investors can call any seller in the world and offer whatever price they want
  • Jason shares where you can get in contact with him (links below)


“People need to understand that real estate, especially multi-family or bigger assets, it really is a team sport. It takes a team to make the deal work. So I think surrounding yourself with the right people is the best advice I can give when it comes to growing your portfolio quickly.” – Jason Lee

You can connect with Jason through his: 

YouTube: @Jasonjosephlee

Instagram: @jasonjosephlee

Facebook: JLM Real Estate




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