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Mar 20, 2023

Are you curious about the co-living and micro-apartment development trends? In this episode, a successful real estate investor, Matt Ryan, delves into what it takes to be a good operator when running a co-living space and why affordability is critical for Gen Zs entering the marketplace. He talks about the challenges he faced finding a property management company and shares how he has since been investing in co-living and micro-apartment developments. Tune in now for this inspiring conversation about taking consistent action toward your goals and dreaming big!

Matt started his first company in 2010 in Charlotte, NC, focusing on energy efficiency and green building in residential and light commercial buildings. He did this after learning that a mere 3% reduction in energy demand would mitigate the need for a controversial coal plant in his home state of South Carolina. 

[00:01 - 06:46] Opening Segment

• Matt's background in energy efficiency implementation, house hacking, and real estate

  • Matt's first real estate project

• How Matt was encouraged to pursue entrepreneurship instead of working for someone else

[06:47 - 13:01] Understanding the Co-Living & Microliving Market

• Buying a property and putting $35,000 back into it

  • Implementing energy efficiency and green building

• Matt explains what co-living means and how it took a hit during covid

[13:02 - 19:45] Outperforming During Covid

• The why behind co-living is affordability, accessibility, and the ability to have a frictionless experience

  • Better operators and operators with better assets were more insulated from market shifts

• Gen Zs are facing economic recession, high housing prices, and a lack of affordability

[19:46 - 26:04] Managing Co-Living Spaces

• Self-respect and community are vital components of successful co-living spaces

• Operators must be willing to intervene when appropriate

  •  What to do with energy vampires or people who lack self-accountability

[26:05 - 30:45] Closing Segment

• Roommates should share similar interests and values

• The difference between co-living and micro apartments

Connect with Matt:

Website: Re-viv

FB: Re-viv

TWT: @Re-viv

Key Quotes:

“People that are successful are good operators, are on top of the issues, make it quick to resolve set issues, and are very quick to get rid of or find an exit door for tenants who are problematic.” - Matthew Ryan


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