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Aug 17, 2023

Success is measured not just in numbers but in the lives transformed along the way!

Franco Perez, a mobile home and park management expert, unveils the heart of purpose-driven real estate. He shares his journey from a dissatisfying career as a real estate agent to a fulfilling path centered on helping families achieve homeownership. Franco's passion for positive impact over profit drives his commitment, leading to success despite challenges. This episode highlights mobile home parks as a gateway to wealth building and emphasizes the profound influence of purpose in creating lasting community change. Franco's story encourages listeners to prioritize purpose and impact in their real estate endeavors, inspiring a better future for all.


[00:00 - 06:24] Inspiring Financial Security and Community Impact

  • Franco helps people own mobile homes and manages mobile home parks
  • His purpose is to build something that will help someone in his shoes back then
  • Franco highlights mobile home parks as a way to build wealth through ownership, aligning with his commitment to fostering financial stability


[06:25 - 11:07] Franco's Purpose-Driven Path in Real Estate

  • Franco's career shift from real estate agent to mobile homes stemmed from a desire to assist those lacking resources, emphasizing meaningful impact over wealth
  • Despite initial financial struggles, Franco's unwavering passion fueled rapid learning and growth, highlighting the profound benefits of pursuing meaningful work
  • His journey underscores the importance of prioritizing positive change, urging others to create a better world through impactful contributions


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Key Quotes:

"Don't always chase the money. Find a way to really create an impact." - Franco Perez

"Everyone's kind of chasing how I made X amount in a month, but I think we should try to also think about how we help a family get ahead or how we can build something that will create an impact for the future." - Franco Perez



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