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Aug 28, 2023

In the past decade, alternative investments surged from negligible to nearly 20% of institutional portfolios.

This episode features Shifra Ansonoff, who heads global customer experience for Preqin, which provides alternative assets data and content as well as solutions. We'll hear from Shifra about macro trends as they relate to the private real estate market and how institutional investors are allocating their portfolios to alternatives. She'll also explain the 'denominator effect,' which has caused a slowdown in the markets due to decreased allocations from institutional investors. Additionally, we'll discuss survey results from more than 150 investors ranging in size from 500 million to 200 billion across the globe. Learn how the current trends in the real estate market are affecting alternative investments and what investors should be paying attention to when considering private real estate investments.

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[00:00 - 08:07] Investment Challenges and the Nuances of Private Equity Valuation

  • Shifra Ansonoff, from Preqin, emphasizes the firm's dedication to alternative assets and shares her vast experience in customer experience management
  • Shifra points out the challenges of 2022, including geopolitical issues, inflation, and a tough year for the U.S bond market
  • A decline in public equity values led to an inadvertent rise in the proportion of alternative assets, causing a pause in further investments
  • She sheds light on the complexities and skepticism surrounding the valuation of private equity investments


[08:08 - 17:27] The Rise of Alternatives and the Evolution of Real Estate Preferences

  • Shifra highlighted the significant returns possible in alternative investments, citing examples like Amazon
  • She talks about Data predicts rapid growth in venture capital, infrastructure, and private debt, with private real estate expected to reach 2.14 Trillion by 2027
  • Despite some pessimism, sectors like multifamily housing, storage, and senior housing offer promising investment avenues
  • The rise of remote work has shifted living preferences, moving focus from cities like New York to areas such as Austin, Texas


[17:28 - 27:10] Alternative Investments, Office Trends, and the AI Revolution

  • The traditional 60-40 equity-fixed income portfolio model is evolving, with alternatives now accounting for 10-20% of investment portfolios
  • Shifra highlights the need for enhanced investor education because of the rise of Venture Capitals as mainstream investments
  • A significant debate ensues about the future of office spaces, with mixed reactions to returning to physical work environments despite major firms' investments
  • While the transformative potential of AI in investments is acknowledged, Shifra caution is advised against its unchecked reliance


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Key Quotes:

"The shift towards alternatives isn't just a trend; it's a paradigm change in investing." - Shifra Ansonoff

"What goes up comes down and vice versa. Be prepared and take advantage of opportunities before the tide turns." - Shifra Ansonoff


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