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Aug 31, 2023

In this enlightening episode of "Passive Income Unlocked," Shifra Ansonoff reveals the books that reshaped her world. From understanding relationship dynamics in "Give and Take" by Adam Grant to Arianna Huffington's transformative lessons on sleep and mindfulness in "Thrive," Shifra shares invaluable insights. It's more than just reading; it's about balancing ambition with well-being. Dive in to discover a richer, more mindful path to success with Shifra!


[00:00 - 04:22] Insights from the book 'Give and Take' and the Essence of Giving

  • Shifra spotlights the influential book "Give and Take" by Adam Grant, emphasizing its exploration into the behavioral psychology of giving and taking, categorizing people into givers, takers, and matches
  • Drawing from personal history, Shifra fondly recalls her grandmother's selfless acts during the Great Depression, exemplifying the spirit of a true 'giver' as described by Grant
  • The discussion emphasizes recognizing over-giving and setting boundaries


[04:23 - 11:19] Balancing Ambition with Mindfulness: Shifra's Insights from 'Thrive'

  • Shifra talks about Ariana Huffington's book, Thrive, which tells the story of how she burnt out at work and ended up in the emergency room due to sleep exhaustion
  • She dives into the key messages of the book, underscoring the paramount importance of sleep
  • Shifra highlights Huffington's belief in fame, fortune, and the essential third pillar: mindfulness. Without mindfulness, life remains unbalanced
  • Shifra shares her transformative journey, emphasizing meditation, focused activities, and the value of single-tasking over multitasking for increased presence


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Resources Mentioned:


Thrive by Arianna Huffington

Give and Take by Adam Grant


Key Quote:

"There's got to be a balance. I love to get a full night's sleep and other things that sometimes don't get done, but I just remember that this is good for my overall health, it's good for my mindset, and just for feeling good every day." Shifra Ansonoff


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