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Nov 2, 2023

Are you looking to gain insights on how to overcome fear and become successful in real estate investing? Join Bryan Escudero, a successful real estate investor who went from having zero doors in his portfolio to 181 in the span of one year! He talks about pushing past fear, making decisions with imperfect information, and his strong why for success. Learn how he has used opportunity cost to make smart investments and the importance of finding experienced mentors.


Through hard work, analysis, and an entrepreneurial spirit, Bryan's journey is a great example of what can be achieved when you overcome fear. Tune in now for an inspiring conversation that will give you the tools to succeed!


Bryan Escudero is President and Co-Founder of First Gen Foundations. As he began his real estate journey, Bryan noticed a problem for people like him – first-generation investors who might not have all the foundational knowledge to get in the game. First Gen Foundations was created to bridge that gap and represent the incredible qualities real estate has as an investment vehicle for generational wealth to new investors.



[00:01 - 06:22] Bryan Escudero's Journey From Zero Real Estate to 181 Doors

• How Bryan went from zero real estate to 181 doors in his personal portfolio

• Mindset is key to getting closer to where you want to go

• Decisions have to be made with imperfect information

• Finding a strong why and doing analysis are crucial for pushing past fear and discomfort


[06:23 - 14:15] Learning the Value of Investing for Your Kids

• Reps are vital for getting comfortable with the process of analyzing properties

• The significance of being willing to put in the work and time to learn something

  • Focus on learning it as best as you can, then give it time

• Understand the opportunity cost of not investing money


[14:16 - 17:05] Closing Segment

• Run sensitivity tests to see what happens if everything goes wrong/right

• Mitigate risks for asset success even when curveballs come down the line



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LinkedIn: Bryan Escudero

Instagram: @firstgefoundations



Key Quotes:



"My fears can hold me back, or I can let my love of others help me push past that." - Bryan Escudero


"Decisions have to be made with imperfect information. And that's probably one of the things that sets us apart from people that get stuck." - Bryan Escudero






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