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Nov 9, 2023

Do you ever feel stuck in a never-ending work cycle with no financial freedom in sight?


Join us as Pranay Parikh shares "hacks" that have been instrumental in helping him find financial freedom and work less. He stresses how he has avoided decision fatigue and focused on important decisions related to investments. This episode explores the importance of creating a rule and iterating it multiple times while emphasizing the need to take action without procrastinating or being a perfectionist. Tune in now to learn how having clear rules and taking action can help you speed up your journey towards financial freedom!


Dr. Pranay Parikh is a medical doctor, serial entrepreneur, and podcast host. His unconventional journey to medicine helped him learn the skills to excel in entrepreneurship and real estate. Over the past 36 months, he’s bought over $250 million in real estate and helped 100s of others invest in real estate without being a landlord.



[00:01 - 04:52] Pranay's Hacks for Achieving Financial Freedom and Working Less

• Systems are the way to go to achieve goals

• Pranay shares his rules and how they help him focus on important decisions

• How you can maintain your willpower and save time


[04:53 - 09:41] Taking the Fear Out of Decision Making

• How Pranay uses rules to make progress towards his goals

• Trial and error process to decide when to implement a rule

• Give yourself maximum time to think of the best rule possible

• Iterate rules until the desired outcome is achieved


[09:42 - 13:30] Closing Segment

• Perfectionism can be procrastination due to fear

• Stealing from future self by not taking action



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Facebook: Pranay Parikh

LinkedIn: Pranay Parikh

Podcast: From MD to Entrepreneur with Dr. Pranay Parikh



Key Quotes:



"You can have goals, but if you build the systems to get you there, you're much more likely to have success." - Pranay Parikh


"The less decisions that I need to make, the more I can really focus on the important decisions." - Pranay Parikh


"The people who say they're perfectionists are actually procrastinating." - Pranay Parikh






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