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Nov 20, 2023

What secrets lie in the journey from selling cars to owning over $250 million in real estate?"


This episode features Corey Peterson, a successful real estate investor and the owner of Kahuna Investments, which oversees over $250 million in real estate nationwide. Corey shares his journey from a used car salesman to a multifamily real estate investor, attributing much of his success to mentors and self-driven education. Despite setbacks like the 2008 financial crisis and challenges in student housing during COVID-19, Corey has thrived by focusing on cash flow and strategic investment. He also discusses his experience as a financial advisor, the value of multifamily investments, and the importance of having control over assets, contrasting it with the limitations of financial advising and stock market dependencies. Let's dive in!



[00:01 - 06:00] The Road to Real Estate Riches

• Corey's evolution from car sales to real estate

  • Self-education as a catalyst for career change

• The birth of Kahuna Investments

• The value of inspiration and vision in entrepreneurship


[06:01 - 12:25]Financial Advising: A Revealing Journey

• Corey's stint as a financial advisor

  • The limitations of financial advising

• The emotional impact of market downturns on clients

• The importance of understanding investment control.


[12:26 - 18:38] Multifamily Investments: A Safe Harbor

• Multifamily real estate as a stable investment

• How to navigate economic downturns with multifamily properties

• The resilience of cash flow-focused investments

  • The importance of cash flow in weathering financial storms


[18:39 - 24:58] Building a Legacy in Real Estate

• The lifestyle transformation through successful investing

  • Real estate investing for personal and financial freedom

• The impact of real estate on investors and communities

• Using success to enrich personal and others' lives.


[24:59 - 31:33] Closing Segment

• Challenges and rewards of in-house property management

  • The benefits of an integrated management approach

• Cost-cutting and efficiency in managing properties



Connect with Corey:



LinkedIn: Corey Peterson

Instagram: @kahunacashflow

Twitter: @KahunaCashFlow

YouTube: Kahuna Investments



Key Quotes:



"If you can buy in cash in today's cash flow and cash flow today, there's a good chance you'll cash flow tomorrow." - Corey Peterson


"During the economic crisis and ups and downs and ebbs and flows, if you cash flow, you still get to keep your property. You don't sell when it doesn't make sense." - Corey Peterson


"I live the best life... I don't even work for money anymore." - Corey Peterson


"It is so important to know who you're investing with and feel really comfortable and confident with them," - Sujata Shyam






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