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Sep 7, 2021

Title: Public-Private Partnerships with Dee Brown


Dee Brown is the President & CEO of The P3 Group, the nation’s largest minority-owned public-private partnerships real estate developer.  Dee is also the host of The Sky’s The Limit: Beyond The Deal podcast which is produced by Forbes Books.


Let’s tune in to his story!


[00:01 - 03:28] Opening Segment


  • Get to know my guest Dee Brown
  • A 30-year Journey to public-private partnerships


[03:29 - 12:18] Public-Private Partnerships


  • What is a public-private partnership?
    • Dee explains what P3 means 
  • Shifting the risk from a community to the private sector
  • Dee shares the projects they manage 
  • Growing Bigger: The P3 Group’s reach
  • Choosing to serve minorities
    • Leveraging your resources for the 21st century standards 


[12:19 - 22:39] Real Estate Project Developer


  • There is equal profit!
  • A real estate background for Dee’s real estate career
  • Dee talks about his design-build finance experience
  • The Most Challenging Part as A Project Developer
  • Getting into real estate
  • How to Achieve Success


[22:40 - 24:23] Closing Segment


  • Final words
  • Connect with my guest, Dee in the links below

Tweetable Quotes


“Just having been in that relationship business, treating everyone fairly, and standing by our word -- doing what we say we’re going to do -- I think has contributed greatly to our success.” - Dee Brown


“You can’t do this by yourself.  This is not a one man show.  It requires all of my team to make this operation a success.” - Dee Brown




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