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Sep 30, 2021

Title: Becoming the Best Person with a Healthy Mindset with Austin Linney


For today’s exciting episode, we feature Austin Linney, who is a former service industry veteran of 20+ years, turned serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, mindset and business coach. He is the host of the weekly podcast, Construct Your...

Sep 29, 2021

Title: The New Star in the Real Estate with Jonathan Tuttle


For today’s episode, we'll feature a creative problem solver named Jonathan who ethically serves others first. As of the moment, he has now been featured on over 40 national podcasts.

Having an extensive real estate background, knowledge, and experience...

Sep 28, 2021

Title: Valuing the Rising Star called Mobile Home Parks with Joyce Walder


Joyce has a background in the legal field, commercial and residential banking, was co-owner of a dental practice in the Dallas area, and was most recently a Dental Hygienist in the Austin area. After leaving her career in dentistry in 2019,...

Sep 27, 2021

Title: Mindset Training in the Real Estate with Ketan Patel


Ketan is a High-Performance Real Estate Coach that helps motivated real estate entrepreneurs create more income and impact by aligning their mindset, strategy, and execution. He has mastered the art of getting results by combining techniques from Tony...

Sep 26, 2021

Title: Mind Blowing Self-Directed IRA Investment with Josh Plave


Josh is a multifamily syndicator who specializes in helping investors use their retirement funds to passively invest. Through his company Wall to Main, Josh provides all the tips and tricks needed to invest quickly, safely, and inexpensively with an...