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Dec 30, 2021

Title: Living the Best of Both Real Estate and Financial Advising World with Dan Schoenbaechler


Founder of Schoen Capital, an investment firm specializing in commercial real estate and other alternative assets. Currently a co-General Partner of 914 units across 6 multi-family properties totaling over $118MM in value. 


Having a background in financial services and commercial/residential Real Estate, a strategic approach is taken to analyze lucrative opportunities for investors to obtain strong cash flow and tax benefits.


Let’s tune in to his story!

[00:01 - 09:22] Opening Segment

  • Let’s welcome my guest for today’s show, Dan Schoenbaechler
  • Dan shares how he started out in the Real Estate space
  • Sad stories about some of Dan’s first deals


[09:23 - 22:58] Dan’s taste with Real Estate-reality

  • How Dan got into Real Estate syndications
  • What Dan loved so much about syndications
  • The big problem with Real Estate
  • Dan’s financial advising career
  • Life Insurance policies are useful
  • Dan shares about his current deal regarding Criminal Justice


[22:59 - 25:06] Closing Segment 

  • Final Words
  • Connect with my guest, Dan, in the links below

Tweetable Quotes


“There is no one answer for everything.” - Dan Schoenbaechler


"For those that don’t want to be landlords… they don’t own property because they don’t want to deal with toilets and clients. They don’t want the 4AM phone calls.” - Dan Schoenbaechler


"You can use things like life insurance or Self-Directed IRA or other things to help fund other investments, maximize your tax benefits. You’re using all these tools and all these pieces together to create this incredible wealth machine.” - Dan Schoenbaechler


“Allocating and self-directing are two completely different things.” - Dan Schoenbaechler



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