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Jan 31, 2022

Title: Women Hustle Differently from Men with Mandy McAllister


Mandy McAllister is a multifamily real estate investor, mindset ninja, eternal learner, coach and dot connector. She has a Master’s Degree in Economics, began her professional career at the Chicago Board of trade before transitioning to Medical Device Sales. After many years of “chasing commission” she has made it her mission to secure financial freedom for her family and others through syndications and coaching individuals to realize their personal potential.

Her real estate expertise includes repositioning underperforming assets to increase cash flow and value. Her portfolio currently comprises 353 doors, primarily B- class workforce housing.  Mandy has found success in college towns with student housing as well as urban centers. Her passion is to help others define their path to financial freedom especially women through her platform, Aspiring Women Achieving More. She is most proud to be mama to her hilarious 5-year-old son Duncan who, coincidentally, wants to be a real estate investor when he grows up.


Let’s hear more of her story!

[00:01 - 13:17] Opening Segment

  • Let’s welcome my guest for today’s show, Mandy McAllister
  • Mandy shares to us her Real Estate background
  • How did she get into the Real Estate business
  • Switching at age 35 to take action
  • Mandy shares about her first deal
  • How did Mandy grow?


[13:18 - 30:17] Women chasing a life by design

  • How did Mandy purchase her properties
  • Mandy as a landlord 
  • Mandy not pursuing medicine 
  • What made Mandy decide to grow her own portfolio
  • Being paid forever
  • What helps people push past their limitations
  • Be prepared and comfortable for the worst case scenario
  • The financial freedom calculator
  • The kinds of deals Mandy is working on these days


[30:18 - 32:04] Closing Segment 

  • Final Words
  • Connect with my guest, Mandy, in the links below

Tweetable Quotes

"Women and men kind of approach things differently.” - Mandy McAllister


"You make money with your money, you make efforts with your efforts.” - Mandy McAllister


"I just kept asking the right question.” - Mandy McAllister


"Be willing to fail so you can get past it [your limitations].” - Mandy McAllister



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