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Apr 15, 2022

Oftentimes you look out for investments that enable you to grow your income quickly, but are you sure those investments make you feel peace of mind? In today’s episode, we have a great conversation with John Chelius on why investing in assets that make you feel comfortable is important. John is a managing partner at Montlake Residential, a firm that focused on value-add workforce housing in major US cities with high barriers to entry, strong job, and population growth, and favorable regulatory environments.

John started his career in Los Angeles helping large institutional groups like Colony Capital and Tricon Residential buy, renovate, and manage large single-family home portfolios in Southern California. Starting in 2014 he started buying and managing workforce apartment buildings in California, Texas, and Arizona and has sponsored more than 1,700 units, most of which we still own. 

 Listen and enjoy!

[00:01 - 04:11] Opening Segment

[04:12 - 08:53] Making Investments Decisions that Bring you Peace of Mind 

  • What you should keep in mind when making investment decisions 
  • The importance of feeling comfortable with the investments you do
  • John discloses his investment philosophy 
    • Think about how investing is going to affect you daily 

[08:54 - 10:11] Closing Segment 

Want to connect with John? Follow him on LinkedIn. Go and visit Montlake Residential, and learn more about value-add apartment investments that deliver exceptional passive cash flow and long-term capital appreciation! 


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Tweetable Quotes

"An important part of investing is knowing that your life is going to change, your needs are going to change, and what's important to you is going to change.” - John Chelius 

"Peace of mind and being comfortable with what you have become is more important and affects your investing decisions.” - John Chelius