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Jun 24, 2022

Aaron Kelsoe returns to the show and he discusses the benefits of investing passively, and how it differs from stock market investing, and why he’s invested in multifamily properties. Aaron shares his experience as a passive investor and how it’s helped him grow his wealth. He believes that passive income can help you achieve your financial goals, and he recommends starting out slowly by investing in high-quality properties. Aaron has a great advice for you from his experience with asset classes geographies and operators because of his rigorous approach to evaluating investments. Listen in as Aaron Kelsoe talk about ways that passive investors can impact their community and make a difference in the world!

[00:01 - 03:34] Opening Segment


  • Aaron says that one of the benefits of investing passively is that you don’t have to be involved in day-to-day operations, which allows you to focus on other things
  • Passive investing can lead to higher returns than stock market investing
  • It allows you to invest without having to worry about market fluctuations



[03:35 - 08:38] How The Global Economy Influences The Stock Market and Real Estate


  • Aaron says that passive investing is a good way to diversify your portfolio, and that it’s available anywhere in the world


  • He says that opportunities are diversified across asset classes and geographies, with a rigorous focus on downside protection and recession resistant investments
  • How much the economy can influence the stock market and real estate
  • Aaron discusses that real estate is one of the safest investments available and will continue to be so in the future
    • Aaron’s experience with multifamily real estate has helped him overcome any initial fear or uncertainty about the switchover


[08:39 - 10:19 ] Closing Segment

  • Aaron shares the importance of likability and trust when investing in real estate
  • To learn more about Aaron, visit his website: Ramey King
  • Aaron shares where you can get in contact with him (links below)




“I strongly believe that multifamily is going to be your safest real estate investment by far. I'm not really a seasoned investor, but just in my time of doing it, I feel pretty safe with it.” – Aaron Kelsoe

You can connect with Aaron through his:
Website: Ramey King
LinkedIn: Aaron Kelsoe
Facebook: Aaron Kelsoe

Phone: 940-395-6606
Email: Aaron Kelsoe




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