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Mar 23, 2023

Have you ever wondered how successful investors manage to navigate through economic recessions? In this episode, Matt Ryan, a developer & experienced investor, emphasizes the need to stay humble and mindful when investing and the consequences of one bad investment. He highlights the importance of staying aware of one’s capacity and expertise when investing. Let’s discover why overnight success often takes at least ten years!

Matt started his first company in 2010 in Charlotte, NC, focusing on energy efficiency and green building in residential and light commercial buildings. He did this after learning that a mere 3% reduction in energy demand would mitigate the need for a controversial coal plant in his home state of South Carolina. 

[00:01 - 03:55] Opening Segment

• Understanding what you don’t know about a particular business or investment

• How one lousy deal can sink you for life

  • Always be aware of what you are missing in a deal

[03:56 - 07:32] Staying Humble and Curious

• The key to downside protection in investment deals

  • Be willing to put in extra time and diligence

• Stay humble, keep inquiring, and look for reasons not to do a deal

[07:33 - 14:16] Closing Segment

• The importance of viewing obstacles as opportunities for growth

• Overnight success often takes 10+ years

Connect with Matt:

Website: Re-viv

FB: Re-viv

TWT: @Re-viv

Key Quotes:

“The interesting thing about real estate is that you farm out so much of what you do.” - Matthew Ryan


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